K-Tape: The 8th wonder!

So, my right knee has been bothering me pretty bad for about a month now, and I’ve tried to talk myself out of the pain. . .
This Saturday, I was wearing shorts (thanks to the awesome weather here in the Carolinas) and my friend noticed that my knee was quite swollen- she said I need to be careful, could be a torn meniscus. of course, I’ve never heard of that before! All I know is it’s pain and swelling behind my knee!
I did some research & asked around to find that RICE was what I needed: rest, ice, compression, elevation. It was easy to do all but the compression part- I have kid sized legs, so it made it difficult. . .until. . .K Tape.


I was very skeptical if this- although, I had seen people in the Olympics wearing tape. . .I had my doubts. I got it in pink, just to be safe, then hopped on YouTube to see how to wrap it. Literally, after a min, I felt a release!! I thought it was placebo or something. . .I walked around on it, and sure enough, it was WAY better. Granted, still tender, but the intensity was gone =D
After a few hours, I mindfully did some yoga- was even able to hold this pose pain-free


I’m sure most of you already knew about this tape, but for me, this us a game changer!!

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