Letting go. . .

During my recruitment today, I came across this scene:


At the back of the school were all these fallen branches, blocking the sidewalk. I almost went a different way, but a light bulb came on for practical application! I had several things I could do:
* Complain to someone about it
* Clean it up myself
* Walk around it
I choose to walk around it. Why? I’m pretty sure someone already knows about it. It’s not my mess to clean up, and I was still able to get my job done by simply walking around it!
In my life, so many times I’ve sacrificed what needed to be done in my life because I’ve been busy cleaning up messes that weren’t mine. I’ve been emotionally damaged by trying to confront others about how their mess effects my life. Most people know they have messes and are either too lazy to clean it (or have been enabled by others cleaning it for them), or too prideful to admit there’s a mess in the first place. Either way, it’s not my mess to worry about! From now on, I’m choosing to walk around it-

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