One Bill at a Time!

I’m not gonna go through my financial story of unfair twist and turns, multiple screw overs and minimal assistance. Truth is- it doesn’t really matter why/how anyone gets in debt- the result is still the same. . .MONEY IS OWED!

Β Last June (2012) my husband and I rearranged our budget/lifestyle to start making more than minimal payments. We were both at full-time steady jobs and ready to do some damage. Our annual combined income is $40,000: in a year’s time, we have paid off. . .$20,000 OF DEBT! That’s right, we lived off onGeoe income and put the rest on debt. We now have only $10,000 left- which means we’ll have a Christmas gift of FINANCIAL FREEDOM πŸ™‚

Once we realized how much we were able to do by changing our lifestyle, we didn’t stop there. Last month the hubs started selling his car audio systems on Craig’s List- his selfless act had me thinking/digging to see if I had anything to sell to help. . .I didn’t.

This past week, my car decided to have another melt down. It was gonna take $3,000 just to get it back on the road again. . .ugggh, not what I needed to hear. I borrowed the hubs car as I drove to work yesterday, and the thought hit me- We’ve lived with only one car before. . .why not now? I picked up the phone and asked Steven to put my Geo on Craig’s List. He thought I’d lost my mind, but posted and had it sold in 15min!!!

What’s my point? There’s more you can do. Do you really think we enjoying selling things we like? Heck no! We are just like you! The stuff we sold weren’t things that put us in debt!! However, they were THINGS that we can and will live without. We understand that our short-term “sacrifice” means a LIFETIME of freedom-

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