In a nutshell!

I have clinical depression- I’m not ashamed of it, nor do I feel like it’s something that needs to come up in everyday conversation.

If you were hoping for a tear-jerker story about a “life-long struggle” you won’t find that here. I feel that only feeds the stigma.


Truth is, natural remedies (yoga, religion, herbs, counseling etc. . .) can eliminate A LOT of mind-body issues. I’m so thankful that I tried to “cure” myself with these resources for many years because they have truly enhanced my life!

However, what those things cannot do is sort out a serious glitch in the system. Only modern science can. Good news? I know without a doubt I have clinical depression and that I’m not just popping a pill because a doctor told me to.

It’s taken a while to come out publicly with this for one reason: I refuse to be seen as a victim! Outside of this post, you won’t find me talking about it publicly.

My life is VICTORIOUS!! I’m sure that sharing details about my struggles would increase views and be a great read. . .but, nah- I don’t roll like that.

When people talk with me on a personal, private level and something that I’ve gone through/how I’ve dealt with it will be helpful- absolutely, I’ll share. Other than that, no need!

3 thoughts on “In a nutshell!

  1. I don’t think writing a heart wrenching entry feeds stigma, I think it’s healing for the author, and perhaps liberating. There are some who are just taking the piss and wanting a pity party, but i have found most to be genuine and just trying to find their own peace and happiness. I used to be so anti-victim, but the truth is, I WAS a victim, and I have to acknowledge that, write about it till I regain the power, and move on.

  2. Just saw this today…Guess I’m a nutshell too and there is NOTHING wrong with it! It’s how we were made and it is how we choose to deal with it that makes all the difference. For me it was first admitting there was something wrong. Second, the support from my Hub to get the help I needed to get things under control. And third, having the strength to seek as many solutions to keep It at bay. For me, exercise, surrounding myself with positive people and not letting the bullshit get me down has made all the difference in the world. You know where to find me IF you ever do want to talk about it or just want to relate to someone who has been there too!

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