Growing Pains

I remember when I was growing into an adult that my parents would blame certain people in my life for my “new-found” independent thinking. This baffled me and I would confidently assure my parents that the decisions I was making were my own. . .not of some influential brain-washing of a third party. I had simply reached a time in my life where I was independent enough to financially support myself and therefore make my OWN choices about my OWN life.

Fast-forward to almost 10 years later. . .Never in my WILDEST dreams did I think that little ‘ol me would become the target of parents struggling with the inevitable. . .EMPTY NEST.

I have had MANY parents accuse me of being “involved” and treat me like down right scum Imagebecause their BABY has decided to live a more independent life, or has made choices out of the “norm” that create changes the parents aren’t in CONTROL of.

Enough is enough- folks! The decisions that I was making 10 years ago, and the decisions that I have been accused of influencing ARE NOT HARMFUL!! They may upset you, it may not be your preference, but talk to your child about it! Don’t throw other people under the bus for it.

Basically, you have 2 choices: Either your child is growing up and you can’t handle/cope/deal with it so you DUMP on me (and others), OR they are easily manipulated PUNKS. . .your call. . .you raised ’em.

Stop giving me so much credit for your kids growth spurt-

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