Please and thank you

I’m not sure where manners have gone- but it’s definitely a thing of the past when people comment on good behavior. When did we start not only accepting rude behavior, but being part of it??

“Get me a drink-” vs. “Hey, if you don’t mind, could you grab me a drink? Thanks!”

(Wow- as I’m writing those two statements, I may have figured out one aspect of this issue. . .EFFORT! Sure it takes a few more seconds to say the second statement, but after all, the person you’re asking for a drink is putting in effort for you, right?)

Ok, back to what I was going to say! lol Simple politeness goes a long way. What if someone has just gotten bad news, or already having a tough day- you come in with a “Give me this” and that might be all it takes for someone to pop off with a “Get it yourself” and a fight ensues.

Another aspect of manners would be etiquette. There are certain situations that can be avoided with a little bit of planning and consideration of others. I’m not sure what is to blame for people wanting to create drama and make things completely HotTeaawkward for people they “care” about, but it’s downright disgusting.

Sure, we all have our moments where we unintentionally come across as rude or insensitive, but in our house (hubs and me) it is second nature to be polite. Just because we’re married doesn’t give us the right to DEMAND things of one another! We are to ASK and be grateful for what each of us contributes to the relationship.

We are also VERY accommodating to our families and will make personal compromises because those relationship are extremely important to us. Our little “policy” is that as long as something doesn’t negatively affect us as individuals, our relationship, or morals we’re pretty darn flexible.

Start observing how you talk to and treat people- not just at work- but to your spouse, your kids and family. Decide if your life AND theirs is worth the EFFORT.

Please and thank you 🙂

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