Holiday Haters

Here’s the deal folks. I’ve always loved holidays- whether they celebrated ME or not! Holidays aren’t meant to be selfish. . . they are a time of giving and recognizing someone else πŸ™‚

Take Valentine’s day, for example. It is NOT about single’s awareness- it is about LOVE. Love comes in all forms. . .Look around for goodness sake!

Loving your pets: and more importantly recognizing that they love you back. . . UNCONDITIONALLY!
When was the last time a human gave you a hug and wanted to snuggle after you left them in the house for 12hrs with nothing but a puppy pad and your favorite shoes to chew on?

How about a roommate that would listen to your drunken whines and complaints about life, even though you haven’t emptied the litter box in DAYS. And don’t even get me started on what you look like in the morning! Trust me- we are all tough to look at. . .yet pets don’t seem to mind. You have a Valentine- do something special for THEM!

My Mom’s Widow Brunch this year!

Widows: yeah I’m going there. Because while you are freakin’ hating life and throwing a full blown pity party- complete with Facebook invites and a Pinterest board- someone else is remembering a loved one they HAD.

My mom has held a Valentine’s Day Brunch (see picture) for the local widows for as long as I remember. My sister and I (and

eventually the master swooner that is my brother!) would be the servers. We got to experience an amazing connectedness and selflessness with a group of people that actually have a reason to HATE Valentine’s Day- send someone that has lost a loved one a Valentine.

Yourself: this is what it really boils down to! Are you ready? It’s very simple: love yourself and you won’t expect it OR need it from someone else.

People that are at peace with who they are, accept their flaws, celebrate their strengths- don’t need the fanfare of any holiday! They can enjoy the happiness that others receive. Because they love themselves, they are COMFORTABLE loving others. When was the last time you reflected on yourself and thought, “You know what? I’m alright. . .I’ve gone through some crappy times, but I’m a darn good person and I love who I’m shaping up to be. I can be satisfied with myself and not steal joy from others because I know I’m complete-“

You don’t NEED anyone- people are just the icing on the cake ❀

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