Family Matters: My Sister

I quite honestly don’t even know where to begin- I have started “this blog” about my family MANY times, and just can’t get into it. I thought I would start with my sister since she has been a consistent part of my life:

Growing up, my sister and I had a very normal sibling relationship. We fought, we laughed, we cried. As we got older, we went our separate ways, but still stayed in “contact”. When I called off my engagement to my ex (46 days before the wedding)- she was the ONLY one in my family that supported me. The rest of my family not only felt, but harshly verbalized what scum I was to do such a horrible thing to my ex. I wasΒ even told that I was lucky to have him and that I better stay with him because no one else would “put up with me”. (Interesting considering I’m happily married and my ex is on his 5th engagement) My sister was also the only one that called me on my “wedding date” to check on me. I’ll never forget- she was like “Hey girly, watcha doing?!” To which I replied, “Looking at fish in Wal-Mart!” It’s those little things that she remembers that makes a world of difference.

Just two months after what was supposed to be my wedding, I was hospitalized for internal bleeding. I had been throwing up blood for around 6 hours, and was very weak. My good friends made me go to the hospital because I didn’t want to go- I had no insurance (and que my debt!). My sister came in from Winston and brought lots of gum flavors (I wasn’t allowed to eat), America’s Funniest Videos and slept in the reclining chair next to me. We were there all weekend and my dear friends came to visit me throughout as I waited til the doctor could perform my procedure. I think the funniest part was her sleep walking in the hospital room- HYSTERICAL! On the day of my procedure, my parents came. They felt I was over-reacting, but at least came for support. They stayed until my procedure was done, but had to leave before results came back. I’ll never forget that my sister stayed with me- when the doctor came with my results, he calmly looked at my sister and said, “She shouldn’t be alive”. We both started misting up as we looked at the pictures of my stomach and what a wreck it was. I’m forever grateful for her being there with me.

Those are just two of the life-changing moments my sister was supportive and cared for me. There have been many more, but those two circumstances really highlight the depth of our relationship. We don’t always agree. We poke fun at each other’s choices. But most importantly, we are the only ones in our family that have a RESPECTFUL and healthy relationship. We accept one another for who we are, no matter how weird or strange we may be! We have been through a lot of crap, but we have also celebrated some pretty awesome times together, for which I am so thankful.

Do you have a sibling that means everything to you? When was the last time you told them? Pick up the phone and call them today. . .Me and my sissy!



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