Dollar Shave Club Review

********** GOODNESS ALERT **********

You know what I hate? Shaving. Know what I hate more? Shaving with dull blades because I forgot (or didn’t want) to buy refill cartridges.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely happy wearing pants year round, but once I started pole classes, I knew I would have to start shaving. As I started researching coupons and deals for razors, Facebook caught on and started showing me ads for the Dollar Shave Club- so of course I decided to check it out.

Not only is their site and marketing freakin’ hilarious, but ordering is easy and shipping was quick. Every week, I switch out my razor blade, and every month I get a fun little box of goodness just in time for my next round!

I get the mac daddy executive. It’s 9 bucks a month. . .which is how much HALF a box of refills costs for any other razor. This month, I easily added in some Shave Butter to see what I think.

This product gets a Goodness Alert because I’ve had it on auto ship for a few months now. It’s affordable, convenient and super fun. Can’t go wrong with ANY of that!

PS- the husband uses them too. . .the razor handles are the same regardless of gender (#equality), but with the magic of a Sharpie, you can decorate your handle so you won’t get it mixed up with your SO!

Let me know what YOU think of Dollar Shave Club 🙂

To Purchase: Shave

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