Network Marketing: Things to Consider

If you’re like me, you love the idea of being your own boss and having a backup plan when it comes to money. I have been in Network Marketing for a few years, then got out of it to really step back and think. Why didn’t it work out for me? Why did I lose more money than I made? Why did all my hard work and sleepless nights not pay off?

After over 6 months of soul-searching and going over my decisions, I’ve compiled the top 5 things to consider before signing up for a network or multi-level marketing opportunity.

#1- Be a product of the FLAGSHIP product. When you are researching (or approached about) opportunities, find out what the company’s main squeeze product is. If you are already using it, great! If you like it, even better! But if you “have” to use it in order to be more successful. . .keep it moving. Example: You got great results from a DVD program, but to be successful, you actually need to be taking the supplements.

#2- Is the monthly investment affordable. . .currently. . .as a CUSTOMER? Don’t get trapped by the whole, “Oh! Just have a few of your friends buy it and yours is FREE!!” bunch of crap. If you can’t afford it- YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT- simple as that.

#3- Stalk/Creep/Research your potential upline. One of the best things about Network Marketing is that you get to choose your boss!!! Make sure that they are up to your standards and they they have the same code of ethics as you. Scroll through their picture uploads. . .keep an eye out for repeat transformation shots, phony after pics, and hype without content. . .unless that’s your thing, of course! You are going to be trusting this person to be a mentor- not to mention most likely making them some extra cash.

#4- Know your audience. Some people respond very well to a news-feed full of ads, product plugs, and invites. They want to know everything about what you are selling and want to be kept in the loop. Other folks like touch and go. A little blip here and there. Once they know what you offer, they don’t need reminding and they’ll reach out if they need something. It is ESSENTIAL that you figure this out. . .if not, you could loose some folks and start noticing avoidance in your circles simply because you went from being chill to being, well. . .annoying!

#5- Stress vs. Hustle. No one is forcing you to become a network seller (even though some people my make you feel that way!) If taking on an opportunity is going to stress you out and make you and your family unhappy, it’s probably not the best fit. Now, as far as WORK goes, the beauty of network opportunities is that YOU are in control of your hustle. . .so go GET IT!!

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