So I’m on day 3 of my new meal plan, and needless to say, my body is going through some detox. Feeling full all the time, and I’ve yet to actually finish all of my food yet.

Good news is that I haven’t eaten anything NOT on the meal plan! Also, just a heads up: unlimited greens DOES NOT taste like Krispy Kreme. . .


I’ll do a meal prep video for y’all once I fine tune all the shortcuts, because. . .let’s be honest. . .eating the right thing is hard enough, if it’s gonna be difficult to prepare, I’m simply not gonna do it!

I would love to know what kind of lifestyle changes you are making! Feel free to comment or send me a message 🙂

Fit Test Day 1

Where: Gold’s Gym
Time: 7:00am (can you say brain dead!?)
Trainer: Mario

Height: 5ft
Weight: 134

Step Test: ❤rate @ 170 BPM, test stopped at 2min23sec
Pushups: 10 knee
Sit ups: 7

I got very emotional after the step test. As I lay there in the “recovery” position, I told Mario that this is what happens every time I try to work out. I go as hard as I can, but before I can even hit 3 minutes, my body shuts down.

He told me not to worry and that he can help me. Do you know how good it felt to hear that. . .and BELIEVE it?

My body is unique and has very specific needs. To know that I have 3x’s a week for a solid year with a professional that knows exactly how to help my individual issues scientifically. . .yeah, I feel pretty good.

Network Marketing: Things to Consider

If you’re like me, you love the idea of being your own boss and having a backup plan when it comes to money. I have been in Network Marketing for a few years, then got out of it to really step back and think. Why didn’t it work out for me? Why did I lose more money than I made? Why did all my hard work and sleepless nights not pay off?

After over 6 months of soul-searching and going over my decisions, I’ve compiled the top 5 things to consider before signing up for a network or multi-level marketing opportunity.

#1- Be a product of the FLAGSHIP product. When you are researching (or approached about) opportunities, find out what the company’s main squeeze product is. If you are already using it, great! If you like it, even better! But if you “have” to use it in order to be more successful. . .keep it moving. Example: You got great results from a DVD program, but to be successful, you actually need to be taking the supplements.

#2- Is the monthly investment affordable. . .currently. . .as a CUSTOMER? Don’t get trapped by the whole, “Oh! Just have a few of your friends buy it and yours is FREE!!” bunch of crap. If you can’t afford it- YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT- simple as that.

#3- Stalk/Creep/Research your potential upline. One of the best things about Network Marketing is that you get to choose your boss!!! Make sure that they are up to your standards and they they have the same code of ethics as you. Scroll through their picture uploads. . .keep an eye out for repeat transformation shots, phony after pics, and hype without content. . .unless that’s your thing, of course! You are going to be trusting this person to be a mentor- not to mention most likely making them some extra cash.

#4- Know your audience. Some people respond very well to a news-feed full of ads, product plugs, and invites. They want to know everything about what you are selling and want to be kept in the loop. Other folks like touch and go. A little blip here and there. Once they know what you offer, they don’t need reminding and they’ll reach out if they need something. It is ESSENTIAL that you figure this out. . .if not, you could loose some folks and start noticing avoidance in your circles simply because you went from being chill to being, well. . .annoying!

#5- Stress vs. Hustle. No one is forcing you to become a network seller (even though some people my make you feel that way!) If taking on an opportunity is going to stress you out and make you and your family unhappy, it’s probably not the best fit. Now, as far as WORK goes, the beauty of network opportunities is that YOU are in control of your hustle. . .so go GET IT!!

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Dollar Shave Club Review

********** GOODNESS ALERT **********

You know what I hate? Shaving. Know what I hate more? Shaving with dull blades because I forgot (or didn’t want) to buy refill cartridges.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely happy wearing pants year round, but once I started pole classes, I knew I would have to start shaving. As I started researching coupons and deals for razors, Facebook caught on and started showing me ads for the Dollar Shave Club- so of course I decided to check it out.

Not only is their site and marketing freakin’ hilarious, but ordering is easy and shipping was quick. Every week, I switch out my razor blade, and every month I get a fun little box of goodness just in time for my next round!

I get the mac daddy executive. It’s 9 bucks a month. . .which is how much HALF a box of refills costs for any other razor. This month, I easily added in some Shave Butter to see what I think.

This product gets a Goodness Alert because I’ve had it on auto ship for a few months now. It’s affordable, convenient and super fun. Can’t go wrong with ANY of that!

PS- the husband uses them too. . .the razor handles are the same regardless of gender (#equality), but with the magic of a Sharpie, you can decorate your handle so you won’t get it mixed up with your SO!

Let me know what YOU think of Dollar Shave Club 🙂

To Purchase: http://shaved.by/b67qTDollar Shave

Happy Lamp Review

!*!*!* GOODNESS ALERT *!*!*!

I have struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder for as long as I can remember.

Last year a friend let me try her Happy Lamp. . . and I felt like myself again! I bought my own compact version for about $40 on Amazon & used it every morning until the days started to get longer.

Happy LampIn addition to treating SAD, the lamp has been extremely helpful for cubicle life! My co-workers & I enjoy it daily. I keep it on my desk behind pictures and such for an indirect glow.

Now that it’s winter again, I just move items out of the way for direct light therapy 🙂

If you’ve done light therapy (or have questions), let me know!!!

Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/1wIgZuz


Hair Products Review


I have been desperately trying to grow my hair past it’s stubborn “stopping point” & I’ve found some products that have been EXTREMELY helpful.

Here’s my review 🙂

I take the supplements every day. I like that they don’t hurt my tummy & that I don’t have an explosion of hair in places I don’t want it! lol As you can see, the growth is. . .AMAZING!! I’ve taken biotin before, and I never noticed a difference. This stuff is the REAL DEAL. (The color of my hair looks funky because I wore it in a bun in the sun so not all of it got lightened lol)

I wash my hair every other day (sometimes every 3 days) The shampoo and conditioner are delightful! I have used not quite half a 13oz bottle of shampoo & almost all of the 13oz bottle of conditioner 😉

The brush is a LIFESAVER! My arms used to get so tired I would have to take breaks from brushing my hair. It is very effective is getting out dead hair without PULLING the good hair!

All in all I am very VERY pleased with the results!

What do y’all think??

HairProductsTo Purchase: http://bit.ly/HairSupps

Shampoo/Conditioner: Wal-Mart

Brush: Target

Boo Tea Review

*~*~*~*~*~PRODUCT REVIEW~*~*~*~*~*

I found out about BooTea on Instagram an noticed that it was very popular and was always posed with super toned/skinny gals.

So of COURSE I had to do some research for y’all and see what the noise was about!!

I started by researching the ingredients and found that this particular brand of “teatox” included the best herbs for detox.

It shipped EXTREMELY quick from the UK. . .got it in two days. Their social media presence is very fun and their packaging is super cute. The tea bags are durable and pyramid-shaped for quality infusion.

I didn’t notice much from the Day Time tea. It tasted great (added 2 packs of sugar) and it may have helped with water retention, but nothing to write home about.

The Bed Time tea warns you to drink it at least 8 hrs before you plan to wake up. Because of this warning, I got scared and drank it 10 hrs before I wanted to wake up. . .which resulted in a 2am “throne session”. That first night was HORRIBLE. I questioned my very existence!!! But after that session, I was good.

I learned that being woke up to take care of business didn’t work well for my schedule (or psyche), so I started drinking the tea a 3pm. This was a MUCH better experience.

With two days remaining, I noticed that the Bed Time tea wasn’t AS EFFECTIVE as it had been. After doing more research about how detox works in general, I learned that there quite literally aren’t any mass amounts of toxins left to clear out!

I did not loose any weight by the end of the 14 days- which is fine because that wasn’t my goal. I did, however feel much better and know for sure that whatever was causing some recent tummy troubles got cleared out.

If you have a lot of toxins in your body, this might be an effective weight loss product IN ADDITION TO a better diet and exercise. It will give your system a great jump start to get things going in the right direction.

For those with a healthy lifestyle, this would be very helpful after a winter of splurging during holiday feasting! After 14 days, you’ll be right back to your pre-holiday weight and physique.

If you suffer from constipation. . .PLEASE BUY THE BED TIME TEA!!! You drink it every other night. . .this will be so freakin’ helpful for you!! (and don’t forget to drink A TON of water after you drink it)

This product doesn’t get a “Goodness Alert” because I feel like most of the weight loss results that people are getting from this tea is because they are following the vegetarian meal plan and doing a pretty intense workout program. It DOES detox, but the perception and draw of this product on Instagram is that it is a weight loss/get skinny/hot tea.

Hope this review was helpful!! Don’t forget to SHARE on your page for your friends and to come back for more goodness :-*

To Purchase:: www.BooTea.com

Break the Cycle

Sometimes you don’t realize that you are a part of a cycle. Sometimes you do, but you don’t know how to break it.

You worry that you will end up just like the people that hurt you. Wondering if you should even take certain opportunities for fear of royally screwing things up.

Guess what- the fact that you’re worried about it is a step in the right direction! You’ve ACKNOWLEDGED that you were hurt. You realize that you have been mistreated. Not wanting to cause misery for someone else is a good thing. However, if your fear is getting in the way of living your BEST life, then it’s time to break the cycle IN YOUR HEAD!

For me, it’s my physical appearance (see my Showgirl blog). It’s like no matter WHAT I look like, I get negative feedback. And for me, I’d rather those people in my life not feel threatened by me when I look good. . .that is until my breakthrough a few nights ago. I was telling my success partner that I know I can get in shape with abs and all the rest- I’ve DONE it before. But every time I’ve looked good, I get accused of forgetting where I’ve come from, being showy, and self-absorbed. Are those things true?? Pft- who knows. . .but I do know one thing, if those things are true, they’ve ALWAYS been there, not just because I look good. The same goes for when I’ve put on weight. The whole “are you pregnant”, you sure have gotten “healthy” and here comes chubby.

Because I’ve always been proud of who I am and consider myself to be a very caring and approachable person, I quickly realized that I would rather be a little chubby & deal with stupid remarks, than to look good and make people feel inferior.

Not any more. I will NOT let the voices of a few, trump the SUPPORT of the many. I want and DESERVE to look and feel my best. Self-sabotage is no longer an option. It is not productive, nor is it fair to the majority of people that look to me for inspiration. Haters will always hate. And if someone feels inferior because of me, then maybe they should take some time to get to KNOW me. . .because I’m the farthest thing from superior. . .just ask my friends ♥

Are you holding back in your life because of physical, verbal, emotional abuse? Are you ready to BREAK THE CYCLE??*kisses*


Family Matters: My Sister

I quite honestly don’t even know where to begin- I have started “this blog” about my family MANY times, and just can’t get into it. I thought I would start with my sister since she has been a consistent part of my life:

Growing up, my sister and I had a very normal sibling relationship. We fought, we laughed, we cried. As we got older, we went our separate ways, but still stayed in “contact”. When I called off my engagement to my ex (46 days before the wedding)- she was the ONLY one in my family that supported me. The rest of my family not only felt, but harshly verbalized what scum I was to do such a horrible thing to my ex. I was even told that I was lucky to have him and that I better stay with him because no one else would “put up with me”. (Interesting considering I’m happily married and my ex is on his 5th engagement) My sister was also the only one that called me on my “wedding date” to check on me. I’ll never forget- she was like “Hey girly, watcha doing?!” To which I replied, “Looking at fish in Wal-Mart!” It’s those little things that she remembers that makes a world of difference.

Just two months after what was supposed to be my wedding, I was hospitalized for internal bleeding. I had been throwing up blood for around 6 hours, and was very weak. My good friends made me go to the hospital because I didn’t want to go- I had no insurance (and que my debt!). My sister came in from Winston and brought lots of gum flavors (I wasn’t allowed to eat), America’s Funniest Videos and slept in the reclining chair next to me. We were there all weekend and my dear friends came to visit me throughout as I waited til the doctor could perform my procedure. I think the funniest part was her sleep walking in the hospital room- HYSTERICAL! On the day of my procedure, my parents came. They felt I was over-reacting, but at least came for support. They stayed until my procedure was done, but had to leave before results came back. I’ll never forget that my sister stayed with me- when the doctor came with my results, he calmly looked at my sister and said, “She shouldn’t be alive”. We both started misting up as we looked at the pictures of my stomach and what a wreck it was. I’m forever grateful for her being there with me.

Those are just two of the life-changing moments my sister was supportive and cared for me. There have been many more, but those two circumstances really highlight the depth of our relationship. We don’t always agree. We poke fun at each other’s choices. But most importantly, we are the only ones in our family that have a RESPECTFUL and healthy relationship. We accept one another for who we are, no matter how weird or strange we may be! We have been through a lot of crap, but we have also celebrated some pretty awesome times together, for which I am so thankful.

Do you have a sibling that means everything to you? When was the last time you told them? Pick up the phone and call them today. . .Me and my sissy!