Meal or Entrée?

Thanksgiving, crazy work schedule, and stressful life events are all good reasons to reach for the Sour Patch Kids and Krispy Kreme.

I made it through Thanksgiving by eating a little spoon of everything and just having a few bites of dessert. I didn’t feel deprived. . .I was STUFFED and enjoyed my meal.

Follow that by working 6 days in a row, long shifts, where work catered food twice a day.

For times like those, I would pick out the foods that were good for me, instead of being like, Well, I’ll just pick up my healthy eating after this week.

Then comes a stressful event. You know, the kind where even others say it’s OK to eat whatever you want because you deserve it!

Trust me when I say, what you deserve is to keep your eating and gym sessions in tact. At least those are things you CAN control!

Then yesterday it happened. “Meal or Entrée?” It was some type of kids night at Chick-fil-A. It was pack and people were literally swarming. “Meal!” I said without thinking.

I didn’t even realize I had inhaled half the fries. . .uggh. Well, it was an accident. I’m sure the fries didn’t do too much damage.

Ummm, oh yes they did!! Wiped out 400 calories from my daily allowance and didn’t even fill me up!!!

Having said all that, if you don’t do anything else for your diet. . .skip the fries!! It’s in the extras. The sauces, sides, drinks. Empty calories!

Stay strong y’all. If you feel like you deserve a break because life is being difficult, then take a break- meditate, chat with friends, read. Don’t screw yourself even more by loosing control of your healthy choices!

The Blank Card

“And finally, the card that represents the future”. . .she flipped over the card and gasped. . .”Oh MY! This is a wonderful card! It’s not even supposed to be in the deck-“.
My card was blank. Clean slate. I could fill it with ANYTHING.

There in that tiny room, my world exploded- I mean, it’s everyone’s hope that they are at a place in their life where they have unlimited possibilities. Nothing holding them back. . .I’ve always been a planner. Never living in the present, always looking forward. Had I seen a blank card even a year ago, I would have had a category 5 panic attack!! But today, when she flipped it over- not even knowing what it meant- I smiled.

For the first time in my life, I don’t know what’s coming, I don’t have plans, I’m not in control. . .AND I’M OK WITH THAT!

ImageRelinquishing control is a matter of TRUST. If you surround yourself with people and environments that you trust, there is no fear of what will happen. If you TRUST your partner, you don’t feel the need to CONTROL their activities. When you TRUST your children, CONTROLLING their decisions is unnecessary. The opposite is true of distrust. Sometimes we have valid reasons for not trusting someone, in which case we need to evaluate whether the relationship should remain a vital part of our life.  Other times we assume worse-case scenarios and let anxiety cloud our judgments of what is ACTUALLY happening.

Take some time to reflect- in reality, we’ve all been dealt blank cards for the future. You may see things differently through the glasses of the past and present. But take the glasses off-  if life dealt you a blank card, how would you react? What would you do differently?