LegalZoom & Borrowed Clothes

I have been scared, even terrified to the point of fainting before. But nothing prepared me for how I would feel walking into the courthouse.

Smiling bravely, I grabbed my pink briefcase off the security belt and took a deep breath. Goddess, please let everything I learned on be legit!!

So many thoughts went through my head. I was sweating just thinking about being in the same room with him (the last time we saw each other was February 21st). But now wasn’t the time. You see, I didn’t have the luxury of just showing up after a long shift at work and letting someone else handle the case. No, I had 24hrs to become a divorce lawyer. . .and to borrow clothes from my friend so I looked the part!img_20160810_132244Shutting down as much emotion as possible, I entered the lobby. Since we weren’t allowed to have our phones (brutal!!!) I began journaling:

August 10th, 10:15am

There he is. Sitting there in his pressed shirt and his military style hair cut.

I’m literally shaking.

Ms. McDaniel is with him and his lawyer.

I’m by myself. . .but I’m not alone.

I think about how Ms. McDaniel was with me when I miscarried. She held my hand as I silently wept while the doctor pulled my baby from my body.

I wonder if they know they are over-prepared. That I’m self-represented. That I didn’t want any of this. Why is he doing this? Surely he doesn’t need the money??

My heart has slowed a little.

God. . .just don’t let me cry – or pass out!! I’m trying to think of calming things; my nieces. . .the moon over the ocean. . .

(Looks up and sees “Remove Chewing Gum” sign on the courtroom door. . .crap!)

I wish I knew what he wanted from me. . .


Legally Blonde-ish

Friday, August 5th, 9PM:

I walked into my house after another long day at work, flip the light switch and. . .nothing. The house was eerily quiet with only the sound of fur baby paws on the hardwood.

The electric was off- again. . .Confused, I called the electric company since my bill had been paid through the 20th. The account holder had disconnected services. The babies and I would have to wait until Monday evening for the power to be turned back on.
It was hot. I had fur babies. I had a court case to prepare for. I had a full weekend of work. . .

img_20160716_090412I had friends.

That weekend, Mr. Satchel and I stayed at a friend’s house.
Worked out pretty great too because she needed me to cat sit for her anyway!!

I was still in disbelief that the court systems were now involved in what was agreed to be a “no fault” divorce. After being separated for six months, imagine my surprise when I was served divorce papers from a. . .umm <clears throat> “private investigator”. Even more surprising was how soon I had to provide a legal response to the courts.

That weekend I continued to look for a lawyer to represent me at the temporary hearing on August 10th. All hands were on deck as my sweet friends also joined the search to help find someone. By Monday, I finally got a response from a female lawyer!! Yes!! She said since the court date was so soon, she could ask for an extension on the response since there clearly wasn’t enough time to prepare one. All she needed from me was a cool $5,000 so she could request an extension. . .remember. . .not a response, but an extension, so she could have time to prepare the actual response (this is important, I promise lol).

Hmm. . .let’s see how much money I have. Yup. . .that looks like $126. . .and 100 of that was going towards getting my power back on lol. I knew I didn’t have the money. I also knew that I was “just a little girl that worked at Red Ventures” and didn’t have the time or experience to be my own lawyer.

The moment I sat at my friend’s table will be stuck in my head forever. I remember just sitting there. Dumbfounded. Emotionless. Thoughtless. Still. I called on my spirit guides for wisdom and to help me. I could feel that I had to handle this on my own- but I didn’t want to. Wanting to make sure this was an accurate feeling, I drew a card. It was clear what I had to do.

I took the rest of Monday off and I moved my Tuesday and Wednesday shifts. My power was turned on that evening. . .and your girl got to work! (to be continued. . .)

Thanks for being on this journey with me. I send my love to others going through trials and struggles. It is not easy. You will feel defeated. . .but your goodness of heart will be respected by the spirit realm. Don’t ask God for him to deliver you from your hardships, rather ask him for the STRENGTH to arise victorious!!

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