Slow Motion

So it’s been a week since my fit test and here’s what’s happened:

Went in for my personal training session. . .and my trainer had to cancel because he was feeling ill. . .

I mean, it’s not the first time professional help has canceled on me. I’ve had several shrinks skip out once they learned what the were dealing with!!

Needless to say, I have my next appointment this Wednesday.

I stuck to my meal plan all week & did some “celebrating” over the weekend. I’ll be honest, even though I enjoyed it & didn’t feel guilty, I think I’ll be less inclined to wile out again. It totally screwed with my appetite for the following 2 days!

I’ve been diligent to log my food. I’ve found the easiest way to track my food is to use My Fitness Pal. You can scan the bar code of what you consume. . .even type in the places you go out to eat!

Feel free to check out my little profile & add me. I made everything public so you can see exactly what I’m eating (unless I under eat. . .the app won’t allow those posts to show. . .which I think is a good thing!)

Hope to have some updates on my first session as well as before pics for y’all on Wednesday! Until then ✌


So I’m on day 3 of my new meal plan, and needless to say, my body is going through some detox. Feeling full all the time, and I’ve yet to actually finish all of my food yet.

Good news is that I haven’t eaten anything NOT on the meal plan! Also, just a heads up: unlimited greens DOES NOT taste like Krispy Kreme. . .


I’ll do a meal prep video for y’all once I fine tune all the shortcuts, because. . .let’s be honest. . .eating the right thing is hard enough, if it’s gonna be difficult to prepare, I’m simply not gonna do it!

I would love to know what kind of lifestyle changes you are making! Feel free to comment or send me a message 🙂