Before Pictures

Taking before pictures has never bothered me. I mean, it is what it is, right?

You put on a brave face, find some decent lighting, and set the timer on your phone or take a mirror selfie. You have full control over who sees it and WHEN they see it. You also get to take as many pics as you need to before selecting the perfect “before”.

However, when you step into a room of strangers, a professional photographer, and nothing but a tiny bikini on under your sweat clothes. . .yeah, I sweated more in that 10min than I ever have during a workout!

For the challenge, it said that the judging is mainly based on pictures. So being the nerd that I am, I looked at the winners from past challenges. All of their before pictures were in two piece swimwear or active-wear.

I assumed that the other participants would be stripping down to their skivvies too. . .but NOOOOOOO. . .just me, my chubs and my tiny bikini lol

I consider myself a pretty confident person, but let me tell you, I wanted to throw up and get some cardio by running away! But I didn’t. I just said, well, I’m wearing a bikini so y’all get ready for all my glory!

I can only hope that my winter body and skin tone look nice against the black bikini and white background. Maybe the headline on the USA Today paper was engaging enough to draw everyone’s attention to the headline instead of my waistline.

Or. . .maybe everyone there was just like me. Too busy judging their own bodies to give a hoot about the glaringly white, chubby chick, sweating in the bikini.

Take a moment and think about the last time you were anxious about what others thought. Are you giving “them” and their thoughts of you more power than you give yourself? Do you let what MIGHT be going through a strangers mind stop you from experiencing something great?

I didn’t like the feeling of standing there, a foot away from a professional lens with all my razor bumps and super chubs, but I can guarantee I’m gonna like posing down in 12 weeks looking like a winner! (and hopefully with a tan!)201511_1122_aaaba_sm



Fit Test Day 1

Where: Gold’s Gym
Time: 7:00am (can you say brain dead!?)
Trainer: Mario

Height: 5ft
Weight: 134

Step Test: ❤rate @ 170 BPM, test stopped at 2min23sec
Pushups: 10 knee
Sit ups: 7

I got very emotional after the step test. As I lay there in the “recovery” position, I told Mario that this is what happens every time I try to work out. I go as hard as I can, but before I can even hit 3 minutes, my body shuts down.

He told me not to worry and that he can help me. Do you know how good it felt to hear that. . .and BELIEVE it?

My body is unique and has very specific needs. To know that I have 3x’s a week for a solid year with a professional that knows exactly how to help my individual issues scientifically. . .yeah, I feel pretty good.

Happy Lamp Review

!*!*!* GOODNESS ALERT *!*!*!

I have struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder for as long as I can remember.

Last year a friend let me try her Happy Lamp. . . and I felt like myself again! I bought my own compact version for about $40 on Amazon & used it every morning until the days started to get longer.

Happy LampIn addition to treating SAD, the lamp has been extremely helpful for cubicle life! My co-workers & I enjoy it daily. I keep it on my desk behind pictures and such for an indirect glow.

Now that it’s winter again, I just move items out of the way for direct light therapy 🙂

If you’ve done light therapy (or have questions), let me know!!!

Purchase Link:


Boo Tea Review

*~*~*~*~*~PRODUCT REVIEW~*~*~*~*~*

I found out about BooTea on Instagram an noticed that it was very popular and was always posed with super toned/skinny gals.

So of COURSE I had to do some research for y’all and see what the noise was about!!

I started by researching the ingredients and found that this particular brand of “teatox” included the best herbs for detox.

It shipped EXTREMELY quick from the UK. . .got it in two days. Their social media presence is very fun and their packaging is super cute. The tea bags are durable and pyramid-shaped for quality infusion.

I didn’t notice much from the Day Time tea. It tasted great (added 2 packs of sugar) and it may have helped with water retention, but nothing to write home about.

The Bed Time tea warns you to drink it at least 8 hrs before you plan to wake up. Because of this warning, I got scared and drank it 10 hrs before I wanted to wake up. . .which resulted in a 2am “throne session”. That first night was HORRIBLE. I questioned my very existence!!! But after that session, I was good.

I learned that being woke up to take care of business didn’t work well for my schedule (or psyche), so I started drinking the tea a 3pm. This was a MUCH better experience.

With two days remaining, I noticed that the Bed Time tea wasn’t AS EFFECTIVE as it had been. After doing more research about how detox works in general, I learned that there quite literally aren’t any mass amounts of toxins left to clear out!

I did not loose any weight by the end of the 14 days- which is fine because that wasn’t my goal. I did, however feel much better and know for sure that whatever was causing some recent tummy troubles got cleared out.

If you have a lot of toxins in your body, this might be an effective weight loss product IN ADDITION TO a better diet and exercise. It will give your system a great jump start to get things going in the right direction.

For those with a healthy lifestyle, this would be very helpful after a winter of splurging during holiday feasting! After 14 days, you’ll be right back to your pre-holiday weight and physique.

If you suffer from constipation. . .PLEASE BUY THE BED TIME TEA!!! You drink it every other night. . .this will be so freakin’ helpful for you!! (and don’t forget to drink A TON of water after you drink it)

This product doesn’t get a “Goodness Alert” because I feel like most of the weight loss results that people are getting from this tea is because they are following the vegetarian meal plan and doing a pretty intense workout program. It DOES detox, but the perception and draw of this product on Instagram is that it is a weight loss/get skinny/hot tea.

Hope this review was helpful!! Don’t forget to SHARE on your page for your friends and to come back for more goodness :-*

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Break the Cycle

Sometimes you don’t realize that you are a part of a cycle. Sometimes you do, but you don’t know how to break it.

You worry that you will end up just like the people that hurt you. Wondering if you should even take certain opportunities for fear of royally screwing things up.

Guess what- the fact that you’re worried about it is a step in the right direction! You’ve ACKNOWLEDGED that you were hurt. You realize that you have been mistreated. Not wanting to cause misery for someone else is a good thing. However, if your fear is getting in the way of living your BEST life, then it’s time to break the cycle IN YOUR HEAD!

For me, it’s my physical appearance (see my Showgirl blog). It’s like no matter WHAT I look like, I get negative feedback. And for me, I’d rather those people in my life not feel threatened by me when I look good. . .that is until my breakthrough a few nights ago. I was telling my success partner that I know I can get in shape with abs and all the rest- I’ve DONE it before. But every time I’ve looked good, I get accused of forgetting where I’ve come from, being showy, and self-absorbed. Are those things true?? Pft- who knows. . .but I do know one thing, if those things are true, they’ve ALWAYS been there, not just because I look good. The same goes for when I’ve put on weight. The whole “are you pregnant”, you sure have gotten “healthy” and here comes chubby.

Because I’ve always been proud of who I am and consider myself to be a very caring and approachable person, I quickly realized that I would rather be a little chubby & deal with stupid remarks, than to look good and make people feel inferior.

Not any more. I will NOT let the voices of a few, trump the SUPPORT of the many. I want and DESERVE to look and feel my best. Self-sabotage is no longer an option. It is not productive, nor is it fair to the majority of people that look to me for inspiration. Haters will always hate. And if someone feels inferior because of me, then maybe they should take some time to get to KNOW me. . .because I’m the farthest thing from superior. . .just ask my friends ♥

Are you holding back in your life because of physical, verbal, emotional abuse? Are you ready to BREAK THE CYCLE??*kisses*


Please and thank you

I’m not sure where manners have gone- but it’s definitely a thing of the past when people comment on good behavior. When did we start not only accepting rude behavior, but being part of it??

“Get me a drink-” vs. “Hey, if you don’t mind, could you grab me a drink? Thanks!”

(Wow- as I’m writing those two statements, I may have figured out one aspect of this issue. . .EFFORT! Sure it takes a few more seconds to say the second statement, but after all, the person you’re asking for a drink is putting in effort for you, right?)

Ok, back to what I was going to say! lol Simple politeness goes a long way. What if someone has just gotten bad news, or already having a tough day- you come in with a “Give me this” and that might be all it takes for someone to pop off with a “Get it yourself” and a fight ensues.

Another aspect of manners would be etiquette. There are certain situations that can be avoided with a little bit of planning and consideration of others. I’m not sure what is to blame for people wanting to create drama and make things completely HotTeaawkward for people they “care” about, but it’s downright disgusting.

Sure, we all have our moments where we unintentionally come across as rude or insensitive, but in our house (hubs and me) it is second nature to be polite. Just because we’re married doesn’t give us the right to DEMAND things of one another! We are to ASK and be grateful for what each of us contributes to the relationship.

We are also VERY accommodating to our families and will make personal compromises because those relationship are extremely important to us. Our little “policy” is that as long as something doesn’t negatively affect us as individuals, our relationship, or morals we’re pretty darn flexible.

Start observing how you talk to and treat people- not just at work- but to your spouse, your kids and family. Decide if your life AND theirs is worth the EFFORT.

Please and thank you 🙂

Growing Pains

I remember when I was growing into an adult that my parents would blame certain people in my life for my “new-found” independent thinking. This baffled me and I would confidently assure my parents that the decisions I was making were my own. . .not of some influential brain-washing of a third party. I had simply reached a time in my life where I was independent enough to financially support myself and therefore make my OWN choices about my OWN life.

Fast-forward to almost 10 years later. . .Never in my WILDEST dreams did I think that little ‘ol me would become the target of parents struggling with the inevitable. . .EMPTY NEST.

I have had MANY parents accuse me of being “involved” and treat me like down right scum Imagebecause their BABY has decided to live a more independent life, or has made choices out of the “norm” that create changes the parents aren’t in CONTROL of.

Enough is enough- folks! The decisions that I was making 10 years ago, and the decisions that I have been accused of influencing ARE NOT HARMFUL!! They may upset you, it may not be your preference, but talk to your child about it! Don’t throw other people under the bus for it.

Basically, you have 2 choices: Either your child is growing up and you can’t handle/cope/deal with it so you DUMP on me (and others), OR they are easily manipulated PUNKS. . .your call. . .you raised ’em.

Stop giving me so much credit for your kids growth spurt-

In a nutshell!

I have clinical depression- I’m not ashamed of it, nor do I feel like it’s something that needs to come up in everyday conversation.

If you were hoping for a tear-jerker story about a “life-long struggle” you won’t find that here. I feel that only feeds the stigma.


Truth is, natural remedies (yoga, religion, herbs, counseling etc. . .) can eliminate A LOT of mind-body issues. I’m so thankful that I tried to “cure” myself with these resources for many years because they have truly enhanced my life!

However, what those things cannot do is sort out a serious glitch in the system. Only modern science can. Good news? I know without a doubt I have clinical depression and that I’m not just popping a pill because a doctor told me to.

It’s taken a while to come out publicly with this for one reason: I refuse to be seen as a victim! Outside of this post, you won’t find me talking about it publicly.

My life is VICTORIOUS!! I’m sure that sharing details about my struggles would increase views and be a great read. . .but, nah- I don’t roll like that.

When people talk with me on a personal, private level and something that I’ve gone through/how I’ve dealt with it will be helpful- absolutely, I’ll share. Other than that, no need!